Internet safety for children comes up as a top priority when children browse the web. It is important to safeguard them from dangers such as obscenity, malwares, scams, phishing, identify theft, cyberbullying etc. In this digital age, kids’ online safety has become a challenge.

internet safety for children

The Internet opens up the world for the users. There is hardly any question left whose answer is not available online. It is for this reason that the internet has become a necessity. 

We all know that every new advancement of technology is followed by hidden dangers and threats associated with its use. The Internet is also not an exception. It has its pros and cons too. Since it is accessed by children as well, it becomes important to know more about the safety and security aspects of it.

Let’s have a look on the reasons why is internet safety important for children and what can be done to ensure their online safety? Let’s have a look at many kinds of threats that kids can come across online:     


Obscenity - internet safety

Obscenity is rampant on the internet.   

There is a lot of content online that is obscene, vulgar, immoral and of sexual nature. Kids need to be protected from seeing them as it’ll be a bad influence on them.

Children should use a safe search engine such as, which blocks inappropriate adult content. It is highly important for the internet safety for children.


Phishing - kids internet safety

Phishing is a way in which criminals get sensitive information like username, password, phone number, address  etc. This is usually done by emails or chats. It can be dangerous if a child ends up clicking on the link in the email sent by such criminals. They may trick the child to reveal their private information. 

It is important to tell the children about phishing for the internet safety of children.


Internet Safety - malware download

Malware is a piece of software that is written with the intent  of damaging devices and stealing information. Viruses, trojans, spywares etc are different kinds of malware. Kids can click on a link which can lead to downloading of software and email attachments containing viruses or other malware. 

It is important to use some strong antivirus softwares to detect malwares. Here is a list of top antivirus softwares in 2020.



Cyberbullying is bullying that takes place over digital devices like cell phones, computers and tablets. Kids can end up interacting with a cyberbully through chats and emails. It usually results in harassment of children and affects their physical and mental health.

It is important to encourage kids to tell parents about any cyberbullying for the online safety of kids.


Child Identity Theft

Child identity theft occurs when criminals unlawfully gain access to a child’s personal information such as their Social Security number (SSN), date of birth and name and use it for their own financial gain. For ex: An unauthorised person can use your child’s personal information to get a credit card and abuse that information for upto 18 years before the child knows he’s been victimized.

More than 1 million children were victims of identity theft or fraud last year, according to a new report from Javelin Strategy & Research. Two-thirds of those victims were age 7 or younger. Six in 10 child victims personally know the perpetrator. 

Escaping kids’ identity theft is crucial to the internet safety for kids.


Scam - kids online safety

Scams involve hiding information or providing incorrect information for the purpose of tricking victims. Online scams come in the form of contests, selling free stuff, lottery, selling designer clothes on discount, free music downloads, free ringtones etc. Their purpose is to lure the child for some time and collect personal information and steal identities. Scam has become a big challenge for the online safety of children.


online privacy

Posting Private Information like home address, school address, phone number, awkward photos etc by kids in public can be dangerous for kids’ online safety. Such information can be misused by criminals.  

It is highly important that children should be educated by the parents and teachers about all the online threats in this digital age to ensure the internet safety for children.

The children should be encouraged to use safe search engines such to keep them away from inappropriate adult content.

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