Planning party games for kids in a kids’ party is a must for keeping the kids entertained. Party games for children are fun to play and every kid looks forward to participating in such games. Whether it is birthday parties, picnics or general get togethers, party games help in improving the interaction among kids and adds to the fun element too. 

Remember: The important things for running a great kids’ party full of games are:

  • To know the rules of the game 
  • To explain the rules to the players clearly
  • Have the music and props ready
  • Keep attractive prizes

Let’s explore some cool party games for kids.

1) Musical Statues

Party games for kids

It is one of the popular party games for kids. It starts with playing high energy music and asking the kids to dance as long as the music is playing. Once the music stops, they need to stop moving and stand still like a statue. Anyone who moves will be out. The last kid remaining will be declared the winner. 

It tests the listening and balancing skills of a child. Also, apart from the fun element, it shows how good the reflexes of a child works.      

2) Musical Chairs

Musical Chairs - Kids Game

In this game all the kids sit in a circle on chairs. Once the music starts, all the kids have to leave their chairs and walk around the chairs in the circle. You need to remove one or more chairs so that the number of kids is more than the number of chairs. They cannot sit on chairs as long as the music is playing. Once the music stops, they need to take their chairs. The kids who couldn’t find a chair to sit will be removed from the game. The game continues until there is only one player left.

It helps in teaching kids to practice patience and resolve differences amicably. This party game is highly popular among the children. 

3) Treasure Hunt Game

Children's Game - Treasure Hunt GameThis game gives clues to the players that leads them to areas around the house and backyard in search of the treasure. This game can be played by making teams of kids. Clue can be in the form of a puzzle, rhyme etc which a child has to figure out to reach the next clue.

This party game helps the child in learning teamwork and using creativity. Their analysis power and concentration levels are both sharpened as a result.

4) Mummy Wrap

Party Games for Children - Mummy WrapThis party game requires the kids to be divided into groups. They need to select one member of their group to act as mummy. Then they need to wrap the selected kid with toilet paper neatly. The winning team would be the one who is the fastest to wrap the mummy using all the given toilet paper.

It helps kids to learn time management skills.

5) Mystery Bag 

kids Game - Mystery Bag

For this game, different medium sized bags need to be taken. Each bag should contain one object. The object can be – toothbrush, spoon, half apple, corn, socks etc. Each kid has to identify the object without looking by just putting their hand into the bag. The child who guesses the most wins!

Kids explore their sense of touch while playing this game. 

6) Pin the tail on the Donkey

Party games for kids - Pin the tail on the DonkeyThis is a classic party game for kids. A poster of Donkey without a tail is to be hung on the wall. The child has to be blindfolded and given the missing tail. Then the child needs to be gently spun and pointed in the direction of the donkey. Their main aim is to place the tail where the actual donkey’s tail should be. Once every child has had a turn, the child with the donkey’s tail closest to the correct position wins.

It is a great game to teach kids to be patient, focused and use their sense of direction while enjoying the game.

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