Thanksgiving crafts for kids is a wonderful and exciting time. This day focuses on family and gratitude. Thanksgiving crafts not only bring out the creativity of your child but this will also keep them occupied when it is too cold to go outside.

You can teach kids the meaning and importance of thanksgiving crafts for kids day while involving them in making the following thanksgiving crafts for children.

There are many thanksgiving crafts ideas, which you can search on Safe Search However, the most popular ones we have described below. Let’s go through them one by one.

1. Leaf Turkey

Thanksgiving crafts for kids

Your kids will love this thanksgiving crafts idea. Draw a turkey sketch on the chart paper. Colour it, Cut it and stick leaves on it in a circular manner.

Voila ! Your Leaf Turkey is ready now !

This is just one idea for thanksgiving crafts for kids. Let’s go to the next.

2. Owl Handprint

Owl Handprint - Thanksgiving crafts for kids

Another very popular thanksgiving craft for children is owl handprints. You need to use newspapers to make the tree and its branches. Use your hand on a colourful chart paper and cut the outline. Stick the feathers on the owl.

Your Owl Handprint is ready now ! You can use this as a beautiful thanksgiving craft gift.

3. Paper Pumpkin

Paper Pumpkin - Thanksgiving crafts for kids

Paper Pumpkin is one of the most popular thanksgiving crafts for kids. You just need orange and green coloured chart paper, glue and scissors to make it.

Your paper pumpkin is ready now. You can make several such pumpkins and use it to decorate your table.

4. Crayon Turkeys

Crayon Turkeys - Thanksgiving crafts for children

Crayon turkey is a fun thanksgiving craft for children. It is made using wood. Some holes need to be drilled in wood which act as stand for crayons.

This thanksgiving craft can be used as a table decor.

5. Turkey glove puppet  

Turkey glove puppet

This is an interesting thanksgiving craft for children. You just need gloves and craft felt or feathers for decorating your turkey puppet.

This can be used as a toy for children to play.

6. Pumpkin handprint Greeting Card

Pumpkin handprint Greeting Card

Handmade Greeting cards are a popular thanksgiving crafts for kids. Kids can make a pumpkin out of your handprint with orange colour. It goes well with the thanksgiving celebration.

Children can make use of their creativity and make different kinds of thanksgiving greeting cards for gifting.

7. Turkey Pom Pom 

Turkey Pom Pom

This is a very cute thanksgiving craft for kids. Pom Pom Turkey is made using yarn. This is very easy to make and can be kept at the kids table.

Kids can make their pom pom turkey using various coloured yarns.

8. Leaf Prints

Leaf Prints

It’s time to paint something beautiful for thanksgiving. Using fingerprints the leaves of the tree can be made. It gives a colourful appearance to the tree.

This thanksgiving craft is easy to make and has a fun element too for kids !

9. Leaf Lights

Leaf Lights

Ask your kids to make festive tealight candle holders. They just need to cut out paper leaves and stick it to the circular edge of the candle holder. Then light the candles and you are ready with a beautiful thanksgiving gift.

This would look good as a centrepiece on the table.

10. Origami Turkey

Origami Turkey

Brace your origami skills by making an origami turkey out of a thick paper. It is a fun and easy thanksgiving craft for kids

Use your paper turkeys to decorate your table on thanksgiving. 

11. Fall Candle Centerpiece 

Fall Candle Centerpiece

Fall Candle Centerpieces are elegant thanksgiving crafts for kids. Fall leaves can be made using paper or silk. Attach them to candles using glue and tie them using a ribbon or any jute string. 

They are very pretty and easy thanksgiving crafts.

12. Colour Me 

Colour Me

Give your kids something to fill colour with. While you are busy preparing delicacies for the evening, hand them a sheet containing the drawing without colours in it. Let the kids be at their creative best while colouring the drawing.

You can give them images of turkey, pumpkin, fall leaves, fall tree, cake etc to fill colour.

13. Popsicle Stick Turkey craft

Popsicle Stick Turkey craft

This is a beautiful thanksgiving craft for children. It is easy and fun to make. Kids need to add colours to the popsicles and arrange them in a way that they look like feathers of turkey.

This thanksgiving craft can be used as a centrepiece for a kids table.

14. Turkey Puppets with a message

Turkey glove puppet

You can make use of paper bags at home to make beautiful turkey puppets. Attach some colourful feathers to the paper bag. Make eyes and beak to complete the turkey. Now each kid has to think about what they are thankful for this year and write a message “I am thankful for ……..” on the front of the paper bag.

This thanksgiving craft activity for kids will help them understand the meaning of gratitude in life.

15. Thanksgiving wreath 

Thanksgiving wreath

This festive wreath is an amazing thanksgiving craft for kids. They can cut out handprints from the chart paper and attach them in a circular manner like a wreath. Fall leaves cut outs can also be used for making such a wreath. Kids can write the name of months on each hand to signify completion of the year.

This fun thanksgiving craft activity not only adds to the decor of the bedroom door but it also acts as a learning activity for kids as this helps children learn the months of the year.

Now, you have some thanksgiving crafts ideas for your kids for the coming year to get started, and make it fun and exciting. You can search thanksgiving crafts ideas for kids on

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