Paper crafts for kids are a perfect way to keep the kids entertained, if they feel bored. You can make amazing crafts using paper. Paper crafts are budget-friendly too. You just need some papers, scissors, glue and tape for making paper crafts. kids’ paper crafts are one of the easiest activities that you can do with children. 

Some fun paper craft activities for kids are as given below:

1. Paper Lanterns

Paper crafts for kids

Paper lanterns are fun to make. They create a festive feeling and add to the decor of home. This is one of the most popular paper crafts for kids.

You can make many such lanterns and string them together. Keep them at an equal distance.

Also, you can decorate it with paints, coloured markers, glitter glues, lce, fabric, buttons, beads etc.

2. Paper Flowers

Paper Flowers

Making paper flowers is another great paper craft for kids. Paper Flowers can be made easily. You just need to make the correct fold and cuts.

You can make variations in order to make different kinds of flower petals. You can use papers in different colours and textures too. Also, you can glue together different paper flowers to make it look more creative.   

3. Paper Fish

Paper Fish

Paper Fish is one of the most amazing paper crafts for kids. It is simple and can be made very quickly.

Make many colourful paper fishes and keep them together for a good view. 

4. Paper Pinwheel

Paper Pinwheel - Paper crafts for children

Paper Pinwheel is a super quick and engaging paper craft for kids. It is a perfect kids’ craft to make when the wind is blowing as it spins in the wind.

This Paper craft teaches children about air movement and improves their coordination.

5. Kite

Paper Kites

Kite flying has been very popular amongst kids. Kite making is one of the most exciting paper crafts for kids. Making kites and learning how to fly them excites children. The knack of cutting neighbours kites makes it a competitive sport.

Kids understand the force of wind while playing kite flying. It boosts their gross motor skills and helps them get away from TV and smartphones.

6. Postage Stamp

Paper Stamp - Kids Paper crafts

Creating postage stamps out of paper is one of fun paper crafts for kids. It reminds kids of important events in one’s life. Children can create their own versions of postage stamps.

7. Paper Butterflies

Paper Butterflies

Butterflies are the most wonderful creatures in the world and kids feel so amused looking at them. These beautiful creatures can be made using paper crafts for children.

8. Paper Roses

Paper Roses

Paper roses is an interesting kids’ paper craft. Everyone loves roses. Kids can make beautiful roses out of paper. 

It is an easy and fun activity for kids where kids bring out their creativity element.

9. Paper Piggy Bank

Paper Piggy Bank

Teach your children savings by helping them make a paper piggy bank. This paper craft for children is a fun way to learn about money. Different types of piggy banks can be made by adding colours to it.

10. Paper craft 3D Cubes

Paper 3D Cubes

A fun way to learn about shapes is by making Paper 3D cubes. This is not only an enjoyable activity but it also improves kids’ hand-eye coordination.

11. Organisers

Paper Organizers

What can be better than making use of old cardboard boxes to make organisers where you can keep your stationery in a neat manner? It is an amazing paper craft for kids to learn. It is useful too.

With small cardboard boxes kids can make stationery organisers while with the big ones they can make magazine holders.

12. Paper Spiral Snake

Paper spiral snake

Give your child a creativity boost by asking them to make spiral snakes out of paper. Isn’t it an exciting name for the paper crafts for kids? It is definitely not poisonous and is easy to make. 

They can be used as decoratives in your house.

13. Paper Forest

Paper forest

By using cardboard, multi coloured chart papers, a paper plate and cotton, children can make a Paper forest. It is one of most amazing paper crafts for kids, which they will definitely enjoy doing. You can also add animals like elephants, giraffes etc to add more effect to it.

While teaching your kids how to do it you can teach them the importance of forests in our life.

14. Greeting Cards

Greeting Cards

Teach your child how to make greeting cards out of paper. It will help them in enhancing their artistic skills. 

Handmade cards are very beautiful to give as a gift

15. Tweety

Paper Tweety

Every kid loves Tweety birds. So why not make this little birdie using paper. It is a fun kids’ paper craft.

Make use of yellow and orange chart papers to give the appearance of a tweety bird. This activity is interesting for kids to do.

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