top 10 things to do with kids

Here are top 10 things to do with kids inside or outside the house. Whether it is school’s vacation time, latest health crisis or another hot, boring day, these top 10 activities to do with kids are perfect for beating those boredom blues.

1. Start a daily gratitude practice.

Start a daily gratitude practice by writing it in a journal before bed or after waking up. For ex: I am grateful that I get food on my table every day, I am grateful that my parents love me unconditionally etc

Tell your kids that when you are grateful for what you have then there is no room for fear.

2. Go on a nature walk.

Go outside with the kids for a nature walk. Bring back nature’s treasure like stones, leaves, twigs etc. Rules are that they should not pluck flowers or harm insects on their way. 

A healthy connection with nature leads to many social, emotional and physical health benefits. 

Making time for outdoor play can never be regretted. Make it a lifestyle choice.

3. Cook together.

Among the top 10 things to do with children, Cooking together with kids occupies a significant place. Kids love to cook. Cooking with kids has a lot of benefits. It gives you the chance to introduce them to healthy food. It helps them to cook for themselves or the family in later years. Choose short and simple cooking tasks that match a toddler’s skill and attention span. 

Get them to read from a recipe book or try one of these 50+ ideas and recipes for cooking with kids. Praise or thank your kid for helping rather than expecting perfection.

4. Paint some rocks.

Painting rocks holds an important place in top 10 things to do with kids. Rock painting is a favourite activity for Kids. You can collect rocks from parks or gardens. If you live in areas where you don’t get them then you can buy them online from HERE. Smooth rocks are the best for such activity. Grab some rocks from outdoors, dust them off and allow them to dry in the sun. Paint them with oil paints/watercolours or markers. Paint them in any way you like. Allow the painted rocks to dry overnight. Use a sealant on it with a foam brush to protect the paint.

Once the painted rocks are ready they can be displayed in flower beds or in the garden. 

5. Build a cave or a den.

Kids love crawling into little spaces. These spaces are fun zones for them. They don’t care if it is small or big. Caves can be made by making use of pillows, bedsheets, blankets, tablecloth, cardboard boxes or some furniture. You can put Christmas lights on it and stars that glow in the dark. It would be an adventurous task for them.

6. Create Paper caps for everyone in the family.

Paper caps are usually worn by kids during birthdays. Draw the image of the cap on the paper and cut the outline. Colour the hat. Stars, dots, stripes and other patterns can be made on it. Caps can also be decorated with ribbons, buttons, beads, flowers or feathers. 

7. Indoor Treasure Hunt.

Among the top 10 activities to do with children, Treasure Hunt occupies a significant place. Treasure Hunt is a great way to engage and entertain kids. Create a lot of clues for your kids. In the clue ask them to find a location or an item, then have another clue waiting at that spot. As a treasure at the final destination place some toy or treat. 

It is a self-directed activity which empowers the child to complete a task. The child also learns about sequencing, which is the importance of following steps in order. Such indoor activities act as a good learning game for kids.

8. Make a bird feeder.

As the sun comes up there will be plenty of birds that will flock towards areas with water and food. Make them feel at home by creating a safe space for them where they can eat and drink. It is a great learning to know how to make a bird feeder.

9. Make Paper mache.

This activity requires combining glue with paper and drying it into a strong shell. It takes the form of whichever mold you’ve used to shape it when wet. Paper mache activity is a wonderful project which will keep kids of all ages entertained. 

10. Learn Origami.

Among the top 10 things to do with kids, learning origami occupies a significant place. It is an ancient japanese art of folding paper. It is the cheapest thing to do with kids. Paper can be folded into many patterns. Kids can make paper animals out of paper. is a great place to start. Paper crafts is another fun activity that can be taught to kids to keep them entertained.

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