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Microsoft is testing a new feature for Windows 11 that aims to improve the audio quality and clarity of voice communication on the operating system. The feature, called Voice Clarity, uses artificial intelligence to filter out background noise, echo, and reverberation in real-time, enhancing the voice of the speaker and making it easier to hear and understand.

Voice Clarity was previously available only on Surface devices, but Microsoft has recently released a Canary test build for Windows beta testers that brings the feature to all Windows machines, including those powered by ARM CPUs. The feature can be used on applications that use the Communications Signal Processing Mode, such as Phone Link and WhatsApp.

Voice Clarity can be useful for various scenarios, such as online meetings, presentations, voice chats, and gaming. For example, if the speaker is away from the microphone, or if there is a lot of ambient noise or echo in the room, Voice Clarity can help reduce the interference and make the voice more audible and intelligible. Similarly, if the speaker is using a headset or a speakerphone, Voice Clarity can help eliminate feedback or echo from other participants’ microphones.

Voice Clarity can also improve the voice chat experience in PC games, by suppressing unwanted background noise from the game or the environment, and enhancing the voice of the player and their teammates. This can make the communication more clear and immersive, and potentially give an edge in competitive games.

According to Microsoft, Voice Clarity uses “low complexity AI models” that have minimal system requirements and do not need any additional hardware. The feature is enabled by default on devices that support it, and can be toggled on or off from the Sound settings.

In addition to Voice Clarity, the latest Canary build also brings some other new features and improvements to Windows 11, such as:

  • Windows Share now has WhatsApp, Facebook, and Xbox integration, allowing users to easily share files, links, and content with their contacts and friends on these platforms.
  • Windows Setup has a new design that is more modern and streamlined, and offers more customization options for the user.
  • Windows 11 now supports 80Gbps USB, which is the fastest USB speed available, and can enable faster data transfer and charging for compatible devices.
  • Windows 11 now allows users to access photos and screenshots from their connected Android devices, without needing to transfer them manually.

Microsoft is constantly working on adding new features and enhancements to Windows 11, to make it more user-friendly, productive, and secure. Voice Clarity is one of the examples of how Microsoft is leveraging AI technology to transform the user experience on Windows. The feature is expected to be available for all Windows 11 users in the future, after it passes the testing and feedback stages.

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