Google Preparing Handy Call Screening and Email Summary Features

Google is cooking up a couple of neat new features that could make our digital lives a little easier. First up, the tech giant is working on adding a “Lookup” button to the Google Phone app that will allow users to quickly search for information about an unknown caller right from the recent calls screen.

In today’s world of rampant robocalls and spam, being able to instantly lookup a suspicious number with just a tap is a capability that’s long overdue. No more tediously copying and pasting numbers into a search engine. The new Lookup option will live alongside existing call log buttons like “Block” and “History.”

While the Google Phone app ships pre-installed on Pixel devices, other Android users can download it to take advantage of this upcoming call screening feature. It’s a simple but immensely useful addition that will save folks valuable time and frustration.

Moreover, Google is also prepping the integration of its AI-powered Gemini email summarization into the Android Gmail app. Signs point to a forthcoming “Gemini” button under email subject lines that will automatically generate concise summaries when tapped.

As of now, the Gemini summary capability is limited to the separate Android app and requires a paid Google Workspace account. But its inclusion within the main Gmail experience would be a game-changer for efficiently triaging your inbox on the go.

While both of these AI-driven features are still in development, they exemplify Google’s efforts to inject more intelligent capabilities into their lineup of apps and services. Streamlining common tasks and surfacing key information could go a long way in making our devices more effortless to use.

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