Google has unveiled an exciting new functionality that allows Android users to listen to webpages directly from within the Chrome browser. The “Listen to this Page” option presents a seamless audio experience for consuming online content. With playback controls akin to those found in music or podcast players, users can pause, adjust reading speed, skip forward or backward in 10-second increments, and even scrub through the audio playback.

Enhancing accessibility and personalization, the feature supports multiple languages, including English, French, German, Arabic, Hindi, and Spanish. Users can customize the voice and language settings according to their preferences, ensuring a tailored listening experience.

While Google Assistant already offered a webpage reading capability, the new option keeps users within the Chrome browser, eliminating the need to switch between apps. This streamlined approach enhances the overall user experience and simplifies the workflow.

Google has also experimented with this feature for desktop versions of Chrome, further expanding its reach and utility. Notably, Apple’s Safari browser on iPhone already incorporates a similar “Listen to Page” functionality, utilizing Siri’s voice and comparable playback controls.

The “Listen to this Page” feature is currently rolling out in phases, with initial availability reported in version 125 of the Android Chrome app. As with most Google updates, a gradual rollout ensures optimal performance and stability across devices.

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