Are you looking for some fun activities for kids? There are a range of fun activities for kids that you can do indoors. We all know what kids can do indoors when they are stuck inside the house for long. They will create chaos and disaster if they are not kept occupied. 

Wondering what you would do if you are stuck with your kids indoors for a long time? Why not try the following fun activities for kids:

1. Playdough

Make some playdough at home and ask your kids – 

  • To smash it with their hands
  • Use some kitchen utensils like spoon, potato smasher to smash it
  • Poke it with sticks/straws
  • Roll it to make it into an animal like shape
  • Make a rainbow with rolls of different colors of play dough.
  • Spread the play dough out into a pizza. Use scissors to cut it into slices
  • Form letters using the play dough

2. Obstacle Course

Obstacle course ranks higher among fun activities for children. Set up an obstacle for your child indoors. Ask them to crawl under tables, climb over chairs, jump over ropes, crawl through a cardboard box, jump through hula hoops etc.

This is not only a fun activity for child but it also helps child in learning skills like agility, balance and coordination. 

3. Leafy Art

Children’s fun activities include leafy art activity. Collect leaves of different shapes, sizes and colours. On a plate put some poster colours and dip the leaves in it. Press these leaves one by one on a white chart paper. You may add glitters to make it look more interesting.

4. Make a house

Make use of cardboard boxes for this activity. Ask your child to fold the cardboard boxes into a house like shape and cut it at different places to create windows

5. Freeze

Fun activities for kids include Freeze activity. Play your kids favourite music and ask them to dance till the music stops. When the music stops they need to freeze in whatever position they find themselves in. The winner gets their medals.

6. Treasure hunt 

Treasure hunts are most sought after fun activities for kids. Write clues on some slips of paper. Place the first clue in a place which can be easily found by your child. Place the other clues in different areas of the house. Make a trail of clues till the final clue. If you want to create the most amazing treasure hunt, follow these 11 tips.

7. Bring the Outdoors In

Bring the camping experience indoors by pulling out your pop-up tents, blankets and pillows. You do not have to deal with any mosquitoes or mud while camping inside. Add to the fun by pretending to cook something over a campfire. It provides opportunities for children to identify with the adult world. 

Practise and role play their understanding and interpretation.

8. Color in Coloring Book 

Coloring book activities are interesting and fun activities for kids. Give some printouts of coloring pages to kids for coloring. It provides kids with a purpose to achieve an outcome and are motivated to see their colouring come to life. You can give them alphabets, flowers, fruits, disney characters, vegetables, dinosaurs, celebrities etc to colour.

9. Press Flowers for Crafts

Pressing flowers for crafts ranks higher among interesting and kids fun activities. Collect flowers with your child and ask them to press these flowers between the pages of the book. Trim the stem off each flower before putting it inside the book. Place flowers between two white papers on either side of the book to protect the book pages. Put some heavy object on the book. Let it sit for a week. Remove them after a week and use these dried flowers for art projects or to make a card to send to your friends.

10. Make a Collage

Make use of old magazines, newspapers, books to create a collage. You would need some paper, glue and scissors for this activity. Kids will absolutely love the collage-making session.

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