Looking for the best free kids learning apps? Your search stops here. We present you with a comprehensive list of learning apps for children spanning all domains and interests. These apps/websites are great for children from 5-16 years of age. 

Internet is vast and filled with possibilities. In the past few years, we have seen a surge of websites and apps that bring the best of education and learning right to your screens. The emergence of these apps has helped kids to learn from the best teachers, under the best curriculum in the best way possible. But, a lot of them are accompanied by a hefty subscription plan that can become heavily expensive. That is why we bring you a list of 10 free kids learning apps/websites that can be easily termed as the best learning apps for kids. These learning apps are chosen on the basis of the learning they impart, the level of interaction, and the ease of accessibility. 

1. safesearchengine.com:

For children using the internet, a safe search engine is a must-have. The safe search engine provides you relevant searches and information for your search query. Be it science projects, general doubts, or addressing curiosity; Safesearchengine.com effectively crawls through millions of websites on the internet to give the relevant answer to any search query. The best part is, it’s completely safe. Safesearchengine.com effectively filters out any explicit or adult apps or websites before showing you the result. It is great when one is doing a search at home, at a public place, or at a shared computer.
Website: safesearchengine.com

2. Youtube Kids

Undoubtedly, one of the best and the most interactive ways of learning are videos. And that is why YouTube kids is a great website for kids to spend time on. YouTube Kids provides millions of videos spanning across all kinds of topics – from entertainment to educational. Through the medium of videos, it enables kids to learn, understand and retain most of the things they watch. Unlike a decade ago, when understanding a thing took time, it has now become easier than ever.
Website: YouTube Kids

3. Khan Academy Kids

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Khan Academy for Kids is the new venture from Khan Academy, which has been providing education for free for over a decade now. Khan Academy as a platform provides interactive courses spanning a wide range of subjects and topics. Khan Academy for kids provides resources, teacher tools, language translation, and much more. It provides all the curriculum in an interactive way, at par with all the expensive educational apps in the market. It is a great alternative for kids to enjoy and learn using books, songs, videos, and interactive documents.
Website: Khan Academy

4. W3Schools.com

Coding has become one of the most important skills that kids are expected to learn. W3schools.com provides the learning for coding languages like HTML, CSS, Javascript, python, etc all in a single place. Extremely interactive, it teaches coding with tutorials and a step-by-step guide that enables incremental learning. One can also run and test the code at the same time on the platform. It is again, completely free so anyone at any part of the world can use the website to learn to code.
Website: W3Schools

5. Canva.com

Let your kids learn design, or let them make a creative slide for their next project. Canva.com is a free-to-use tool that comes with 1000s of templates and ideas to create beautiful designs and posters. This tool contains templates for all kinds of project works and needs. Creating things on canvas does not require designing expertise, but it allows you the freedom to work according to your liking. Canva is an easy and efficient way to practice and understand design, especially for kids who come with a creative mindset. Canva has a paid version (Canva Pro) as well but the free version is just as good.
Website: Canva

6. Google Earth

With the pandemic hitting us hard, travel has become tough. But Google Earth provides the perfect alternative for kids to explore our beautiful planet in the comfort of their homes. Google Earth gives 3D, 2D, and street view maps of almost all the places from around the globe. It allows kids to have an interesting perspective on how they view the planet, allowing them to visit famous places and take a tour around them. This gives kids a lot of perspective about our planet from a very early age. They can play around, pin places, and do lots more.
Website: Google Earth

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